The bad news is time flies.
The good news is you’re the pilot.

The Monument Sign was a collaboration between City Studio and The San Diego International Airport. An eye catching, and essential part of the identity of the airport as it is the first thing the visitors encounter and assures them that they are in the correct location. This project targets both business and pleasure travelers to San Diego.

Implementing a monument sign and wayfinding takes analysis, master planning and a well thought out application process. The new monument sign reinforces the airport’s updated logo. Using the identity’s elements, I created slabs with etchings to connect the concept to San Diego’s skyline and bayside geography. The concrete slabs symbolizes the city itself with the middle slab cut to an angle that represents lift off of an airplane. The strip of light shines at night suggesting an airplane taking off over the city. The geometric sans-serif font Gotham was selected to bring coherence to the new identity and monument sign.

Slabs Payoff