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Growing up in the Philippines, I was fascinated with building structures in the sand and the forms of 3D objects. I contemplated how they reflected light on rough or shiny textures and generated shadows giving shape to my ideas. Artful towers emerged from cardboard boxes that once held mangoes. As a teen, I spent endless hours sketching and conjuring structures in Minecraft while the sun rose and set on my imaginary worlds.

Studying design, I was determined to give my work a clean and sure aesthetic, to plan and construct forms that connected people to places. I looked to function as a way to establish shape, structure and communicate identity and information in a compelling way. Searching to blend my interests in a variety of design skills and disciplines that include architecture, interiors and way-finding, I am driven to create experiential graphic design and craft a sense of place. To design projects that engage, inform and connect to others from sunrise to sunset.

For a more in-depth version of my portfolio, please visit: Issuu.

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