The dreaming has to be backed up by the doing.

Momentum is a cost effective prosthesis company with a mission to help tackle the problem of plastic accumulating in the oceans. The company aims to help people with disabilities in developing countries with prosthetics that are created from reclaimed ocean and land plastics, while supporting local economies. Their dual purpose of sustainability and community empowerment needed a brand with an approachable but trustworthy look, while keeping marketing costs affordable.

To evoke a sense of movement, I used Good Headline Pro in italics for the logo and Futura italic throughout the brand. This evokes the active lifestyle made possible by Momentum, inspiring the end user. I picked the colors cyan and green to give the consumers a sense of calmness and healing. The overall clean look of the brand conveys a sense of assurance and trust. A system of brochure templates and other marketing materials help Momentum market in an affordable and consistent way across languages and product lines.