When life gives you lemons…

Juice Ko! is a new fruit juice brand for kids that packs together delicious flavor with a philosophy of fun and learning. Aimed at kids ages 7-15 and their parents who want their kids to have a delectable refreshment and become a little bit more familiar with the Filipino culture, Juice Ko! also donates a portion of the profits to a group in the Philippines aimed at helping the needy: The Philippine Aid Society, an organization that provides a variety of charitable services in the Philippines focused on eliminating poverty.

To show the juice’s playful side, I used a typeface called Tragic Marker and Fiestalogy for its logotype. The bottles have a bright, colorful, and clean design that encourages kids to draw with cute characters inspired by animals indigenous to the Philippines accompanied by little fun facts about them. On the underside of the bottle caps are Tagalog words for the kids to learn and use in everyday conversations. The tradeshow booth was designed to persuade businesses to carry Juice Ko! in their stores and convince them that the product is worth the investment with a roll up banner showing quick information about the company and its goals.

Juice Koprocess.jpg
Tradeshow Booth
one banner.png
Top cap bottom